femme handbook


Femme is an annual print magazine designed to celebrate and empower women. Its mission is to give women a platform to share their vulnerable stories through various creative mediums, with the end goal of celebrating and empowering their narratives.


All three issues of Femme are  packed full of empowering content submitted by talented contributors from across the world. From cover to cover, you'll experience a wealth of beautiful content including from poetry, prose, photography, paintings, illustrations, and more. 

Femme initially began as a school project in Sarah's second year of university and has transformed into something far greater than she ever could have imagined. Along with her co-founder, Karina Zapata, she created, designed, and produced Issue 1, Issue 2, and Issue 3. Every issue was printed and distributed throughout two Canadian cities and into the hands of thousands of people.


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dote magazine

Journalist, designer, storyteller.


Dote Magazine is a Calgary-based publication focused on living a life well-lived. As the staff writer for Dote, Sarah wrote four feature-length articles that were published in several thousand copies of Issue 10.

Issue 10 delves into the topic of body image and positivity, while exploring what it means to wholeheartedly love who you are. Its goal is not to merely scratch the surface of this important discussion, but to uncover the root cause of our distorted view of beauty. As a result, this issue is packed full of meaningful profiles, profound articles, and vulnerable imagery. 

As women, it is essential we support and love one another, no matter our shape, size, sexual orientation, skin colour, or physical impediment. This issue deconstructs the value of beauty and demonstrate that our true worth goes far beyond our exterior shell.

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